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Document Preparation 
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Athena Property charges $500 to send an initial letter of demand, prepare and file a complaint and summons and schedule service of process. Our fee does not include filing costs, sheriffs’ fees, process server fees or any other court costs.

Filing fees vary between Counties and depend on the amount you are suing for, typically ranging from $50 to $500. We will collect this fee from you at the time of filing the complaint. After filing, the other party must be served the papers by a process server. Process server fees also vary between different cities, generally ranging from $45 to $90. We will collect this fee from you at the time of having the documents served.

Many Counties allow plaintiffs to file their complaint online or by post. However, there are some Counties who only accept filings in person. If we are unable to file online or by post, we will attempt to contract with a local paralegal company to file the documents at the local court. However, we cannot guarantee this will be possible. If you reside in the same county, we will send the documents to you to self-file and issue you with a 10% fee refund.

Our typical turnaround time for preparing all the documents after receiving your documentation is 1-2 weeks but this can take a little longer during busy periods.

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