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The Parties to This Complaint

The Plaintiff(s)

Provide the information below for each plaintiff named in the complaint

The plaintiff ( 1 )  :

The plaintiff ( 2 ) :

The Defendants(s)

Provide the information below for each defendant named in the complaint, whether the defendant is an individual, an organization, a company, or a corporation.  For an individual defendant, include the person's job or title (if known).  If you are unsure of the defendants’ address, please write ‘unknown’ and we will attempt to locate them

The Defendant ( 1 ) :

The Defendant ( 2 ) :

The Amount in Controversy

The amount the plaintiff claims the defendant owes or the amount at stake, not counting interest and costs of court, because (explain):

Statement Of Claim

Write a plain statement of the claim.  State the facts showing that each plaintiff is entitled to the damages or other relief sought.  State how each defendant was involved and what each defendant did that caused the plaintiff harm or violated the plaintiff's rights. Please include the dates and places of that involvement or conduct.  If more than one claim is asserted, number each claim and statement of each claim in a separate paragraph. 

Breach of Contract

Please complete this section if there was a breach of contract. Leave blank if it is not applicable.

The plaintiff, and the defendant, made an agreement or contract on

The agreement or contract was

Under that agreement or contract, the parties were required to (specify what the agreement or contract required each party to do)

The defendant failed to comply because (specify what the defendant did or failed to do that failed to comply with what the agreement or contract required)

Explain how the plaintiff has complied with the plaintiff's obligations under the contract


State concisely and precisely what damages or other relief the plaintiff wishes to ask the court to order.  Do not make legal arguments. Include the amounts of any actual damages claimed for the acts alleged and the basis for these amounts. Include any punitive or exemplary damages claimed, the amounts, and the reasons you claim you are entitled to actual or punitive money damages.

Please complete the form to the best of your ability. If we need further information, we will email you to schedule a follow up phone call.

Please upload evidence of your complaint here, or email to with ‘lawsuit’ in the subject line.

Photos can include property condition, receipts, invoices, work not completed and documents could be contracts, leases, tenant application etc.


Your content has been submitted

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