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Athena Property provides a range of professional services to real estate investors, agents, developers, and homeowners. Our services are backed by a money back guarantee. From consulting to drafting and title research, we are here to help you on every step of your journey to success and wealth.


Our property leasing service is the perfect solution for busy property owners and out of state landlords.

We will advertise, field phone calls and emails, schedule viewings, show your property and promote the best attributes of the home to prospective tenants. We run background checks and present you with the best applications.


Once you have selected your preferred applicant, you will sign a lease directly with the tenant and then we will set you up with an online property management platform.

This service is provided at an hourly rate and we do not take any commissions. Most companies charge a large commission for property leasing; up to one months rent.

This system is designed to save landlords money. Other property management companies charge you 10% of your net rent each month just to collect the rent and remit it to the landlord. This unnecessary service can cost you thousands of dollars per year.


If any maintenance issues arise during the lease period, you can simply book a maintenance service with us online. You will only be paying for the services you actually require!

We can handle complete tenant turnover from taking possession of the keys, conducting a move out inspection report, attending to any repairs and cleaning required and preparing the property for re-leasing.


Our real estate consulting service is designed to help you make better real estate decisions.

Drawing on decades of experience in the construction and real estate industries, Athena Property offers the expertise, knowledge, and the strategic planning required to help your business succeed.

We work with homeowners, investors, developers and property management companies on a range of issues. We can help you turn critical and complex real estate complications into opportunities for growth.

Our consulting service is mostly conducted by phone with one of our expert consultants. We can provide a one off consulting service, longer term project management assistance or development consulting, complementary to our in-house drafting services.

Athena Property is a non-attorney consulting service and cannot give you any legal advice. We can provide you with referrals to real estate attorney partners if required.

  • Strategic review for development projects

  • Rezoning and subdivision

  • Curing title defects

  • Development plans and permits

  • Specialist survey advice relating to due diligence, cadastral and titles,

  • Property acquisition due diligence

  • Identifying title, easements and restrictions

  • Initial yield and development estimates

  • Identifying potential opportunities and risks

  • Budget review and project feasibility

  • Negotiation tactics in the acquisitions phase

Consulting - Athena Property

We offer full-service drafting, providing both design and technical drawings from small scale residential projects, to large commercial build-outs.

We have a three phase architectural process:

  • 1. Schematic Design
    If the property is located within 60 miles of Daytona Beach, our staff can measure and draw the existing floor plans. If the property is located outside of Daytona Beach, you will need to provide us with scaled floor plans. After receiving the existing floor plan, we commence the Schematic design phase by discussing the clients project requirements and goals. We start with rough study drawings that illustrate the basic concepts of the design. The second phase, Design Development finalizes the design and yields a detailed site plan as well as floor plans, elevations and section drawings.
  • 2. Design Development
    Design Development finalizes the previously discussed design and yields a detailed site plan as well as floor plans, elevations and section drawings.
  • 3. Construction Documents
    In this final phase we produce drawings with much more detail, which are used for the construction of your project. Construction documents include a complete set of architectural drawings (site plan, floor plans, sections, details, etc.) that are combined with structural, mechanical and electrical drawings that have enough detail for the contractor to build your project. We can also do BIM (Building Information Modelling)- a type of 3D model for architecture that holds more information than typical architectural software does.
  • Schematic Design 

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Interior Design

  • Master Plan

  • Technical Drawings

  • Mechanical and Electrical diagram

  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) 

  • Single and Double Storey Dwellings

  • Multi-Family Residences

  • Commercial fitouts and developments

  • Extensions, pergolas, carports.

  • 3D Architectural Modelling (BIM)

Drafting - Athena Property

Our real estate research services are designed to assist wholesalers and investors find off-market deals. We can also help real estate agents attain more leads. Increase the velocity of your business operations by letting us handle all the time consuming investigative work. This service is available nationwide, in all 50 states.

You can simply send us a list of addresses after your Driving for Dollars expedition and we will generate full property reports with the owner's contact information. Alternatively, you can send us an area map and we will find properties with absentee owners, liens, tax delinquencies, code violations, and boarded properties.

By delegating the research requirements to our team of accomplished staff, you can free up valuable hours to focus on other areas of your business. Leverage our expert services to elevate your business! Athena Property provides fast and accurate property reports.

  • Title Search 

  • Tax Delinquencies

  • Absentee Owners 

  • Code Violations 

  • Tax Liens

  • Evictions judgements

  • Distressed properties 

  • Probate

  • Pre-probate/Obituaries 

  • Tax Deed Sales/Auction, 

  • Pre-foreclosures

  • Skip tracing

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