Athena Property offers a range of maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients. We have extensive experience and insight into the demands and desires of homeowners and landlords.


The company was started to fulfill a need in the real estate industry. There was an urgent requirement for quality and reliability. The company was borne out of frustration of the low quality service companies currently out there. 


Are you fed up trying to get a job done but 70% of the contractors are a no-show? And the ones that do show up do such shoddy work it falls apart a week later! Some contractors are giving quotes for thousands of dollars for a minor repair. Can you relate to these scenarios?

All of our work is guaranteed. We provide a 6 month written warranty on all of our repairs. Work is performed in a time efficient manner so your job will be finished on schedule. We are extremely proud of our neatness, aesthetic sensibility and attention to detail in all of the work we perform. Welcome to the new world of being a happy and satisfied customer with Athena Property.