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Empower Workshops

Our Empower Workshops serve to enable the women of the community so they can be equipped with the skills to do their own repairs, without the need to call a man to come and fix simple issues. Athena is all about the “can do” factor, going from “I can’t” to “I can.” 

Women are empowered when they are free of limitations and restrictions such as not needing to call a man to come and fix simple issues in their home. This empowerment creates power within the individual and they become an agent of change; in their own life, in society, and in the community. Our goal is to raise the status of women through education, awareness and training and equip women with the skills to be more self-sufficient. 

At Athena, we are aiming to redefine gender roles. Promoting and strengthening women is essential for the advancement of our society, because it increases the quality and the quantity of human resources available. We believe that women in the workforce are a fundamental ingredient in building a strong and successful nation.

We are acutely aware of the barriers women face in the building industry, especially including hefty childcare and family responsibilities, as well as social stigmas. We are here to work together to uplift and develop our fellow women. We are eager to empower all women in our community, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or experience.


Workshops are held every Wednesday at 6pm at our Daytona Beach office. Workshops run for 2 hours. You should wear comfortable clothing and covered footwear. It is a fun and social event, providing you the opportunity to learn some useful new skills. Our workshops run in 5 week cycles. The program changes every 5 weeks with a new range of classes.


There is a nominal fee of $10 to cover costs. Tea, coffee and refreshments are provided. 

  • Learn how to change door locks and knobs. How to hang shelves

  • Learn painting techniques and how to fill holes prior to painting.

  • Learn how to repair a toilet.

  • How to hang a flat screen TV, blinds, pictures and mirrors.

  • Learn how to replace and unclog a faucet.

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