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Athena Property provides a range of professional services housed under one roof. Our Professional Team is equipped to undertake legal and real estate related document preparation, architectural drafting, property, debtor and title research.


Our services are a superlative solution for real estate investors, agents, developers, and homeowners. Delegate those onerous tasks to us so you can focus on macro-management and portfolio growth.


Athena Property is a company run by real estate investors, so we have a deep and inherent understanding of the correct procedures to accomplish the task at hand. 

Our services are designed to save you time and money and are backed by a money back guarantee. Athena Property is your key partner in achieving success and gaining financial freedom through real estate.


Real estate investing can be a precarious and unpredictable business. Most landlords will experience financial loss from a tenant who absconds owing rent or does property damages at some stage.

Other times, contractors will disappear after they have received payment, without ever completing the work. Sometimes they even disappear with all of the clients tools and equipment.

Property investors often factor these expenses into their opex and grudgingly accept the loss. Many investors are reluctant to take legal action because they lack experience handling legal matters pro-se and are deterred by the high cost of hiring an attorney.

At Athena Property, we believe that investors should take legal action against such decrepit individuals. We offer a paralegal service to assist you in pursuing these matters and obtaining a judgment against the debtor. Collecting on a judgement may not be as hard as you think!

Our paralegal team have handled hundreds of such cases for high profile real estate attorneys, so we have the experience and expertise required. We will send the initial letter of demand, prepare and file the complaint and summons with the court, as well as manage the service of process.

As a pro se litigant, you will need to attend the court hearing to argue your case. However, our staff can help guide you through this process.

  • Simple process for the client

  • We compile and assemble all the evidence

  • Preparation of the complaint and summons

  • Service of process is arranged

  • Filing documents with the court

  • Preparing the client for the hearing

  • Ongoing moral support support 

  • Conforming to all State Statutes

 Scales of Justice
Asset Protection

There is ample argument regarding the best way to hold real estate assets. Many assert that it is acceptable to own properties in your personal name with an umbrella insurance policy, whilst others say you need to have every property within an LLC. 


However, neither option provides good asset protection. Most states do not offer legal protection for single member LLC’s. Moreover, both of these options provide zero privacy as the ownership information is on public record. This makes the investor a target for unscrupulous individuals looking for an opportunity to sue someone with money.


An excellent solution is a real estate holding company. The holding company is set up in a state with strong asset protection laws and anonymity of ownership. The holding company then owns and manages subsidiary companies in the state(s) where the real estate is located.


The holding company does not directly hold assets or conduct business, it’s role is to manage the subsidiary companies which in turn hold the real estate assets.


Many savvy investors  choose to set up an additional operating company. The operating company is the entity which deals directly with the contractors and tenants, thus reducing the legal liability for the company which owns the real estate asset.


A holding company is a centralized way to manage multiple companies and is advantageous for accounting purposes, allowing for consolidated tax filing. The income from all of the subsidiary companies flows back to the one holding company, meaning only one tax return needs to be filed.


Athena Property can assist investors to set up a holding company and subsidiary local state companies. We will then prepare the deeds and send it to the county recorder office to transfer the properties into the LLC.

  • Wyoming Holding Company set up

  • Subsidiary LLC registration

  • Transfer of the deed

  • Optional Operating Company set up

  • Operating agreement

  • Registered agent set-up

  • Organizational minute meetings template

Consulting - Athena Property

Architectural drafting is the very first stage of a construction project. To develop a design idea into a coherent proposal and to give concepts and ideas a concrete form, architectural drawings are required. They play a vital role in communicating ideas and concepts to others and convincing them of the merits of the design. 

Athena Property offers full-service architectural drafting, providing both design and technical drawings from small scale residential projects, to large commercial build-outs.  We provide architectural plans which are stamped by a licensed engineer and are ready to submit to the City building department for permits. This service is available in all 50 states.

We follow a multi-stage process which ensures a functionally superior and aesthetically beautiful building. Our architects and engineers are experts at designing plans for new construction, as well as drawings for remodeling projects. The client is consulted at every stage of the design process, so that the final product is sure to meet the client’s approval.

Construction Documents are the final product which produces drawings that the contractor uses for the construction of your project.  Construction documents include a complete set of architectural drawings, including a site plan and details, floor plan, door types and hardware schedules, window details, building sections, walls sections, building elevations, as well as structural engineering drawings (foundation plan, structural members plan, framing plans) and MEP engineering drawings (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing).

Athena Property constantly strives to conceptualize brilliant, innovative designs. Our objective is to translate the aspirations of the clients into functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings. We convert the clients dreams into an eloquently crafted design that is ready to build.

  • Plans stamped by State Licensed Engineer

  • Ready for building permit submission

  • Schematic design 

  • Design development

  • Construction documents

  • Interior design

  • Master plan

  • Technical drawings

  • Mechanical and electrical diagram 

  • Single and double storey dwellings

  • Multi-family residences

  • Commercial fit-outs and developments

  • Extensions, pergolas, carports.

  • 3D architectural modelling (BIM)

Drafting - Athena Property

Our real estate research services are designed to assist wholesalers, agents and investors find off-market deals. We can also assist creditors locate a debtors assets, so they can take action to collect on a judgement.

Real estate professionals can increase the velocity of their business operations by letting Athena Property handle all of the time consuming investigative work. 

For those undertaking the Driving for Dollars method, we can generate full property reports, including an owner's contact information from the address list provided to us.

​Alternatively, investors can send us an area map and we will use various technology platforms to find properties with absentee owners, liens, tax delinquencies, code violations, and boarded properties.

Landlords with judgements against an ex-tenant or contractor, who have not yet been able to collect, can use our research service to locate the debtor and any assets. Once the debtors assets are located, the judgement can be registered in the local county and a lien can be placed on the debtors assets.​

By delegating these research tasks to our team of accomplished staff, real estate professionals can free up valuable time and leverage our expertise to elevate their business.

  • Title searches

  • Tax delinquencies

  • Absentee owners 

  • Code violations 

  • Tax liens

  • Evictions judgements

  • Distressed properties 

  • Probate 

  • Tax deed sales

  • Pre-foreclosures

  • Skip tracing

  • Virtual Driving for Dollars

  • Tracking down debtors

asset protection
architectural drawing
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